Otvori izbornik


Bad example

Building at one’s own responsibility

Due to unawareness , or even worse the disregard of recognised dangers, building is sometimes carried out in potentially dangerous places for construction which could lead to a risk to human life and material goods. By planning and adhering to the plan of determined conditions an accident can be prevented. Likewise, the disregard of the sensitivity of a space the basic natural components necessary for life, for example, sources of drinking water could be endangered.

The results of bad planning or no planning

If we imagine that there were no spatial plans and no legally prescribed limitations the question is how would something be built? Who would define how tall buildings should be? How would public function areas be determined? Who would allow the building of roads across their property or give up their land for the building of a park? It would be uncontrolled building, without a plan or scheme according to one's own criteria and discretion.