Otvori izbornik


Good example

The assessment of the sensitivity of a space is the initial method of good planning. Sensitivity is assessed in conjunction with the starting points and goals of the conservation and protection of a space. The basic components of the space which are assessed are: the water, sea, forest, the soil and particularly valuable areas of nature. The result of the assessment is a map of the limitation of construction (map of sensitivity). The map of sensitivity of the space is the base for the determination of new construction areas in the spatial plans of municipalities or towns.

The arrangement of a space via spatial plans is an important precondition for increasing the quality of life. Each town depending on its size must have defined functions and amenities in order to satisfy the needs of the residents. A thoughtfully planned space enables residents to have public, social, economic, touristic, sports, communal and transport amenities at their disposal. Via a spatial plan, the preconditions are created enabling the construction of all the necessary functions and amenities.